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Please fill out the application and the credit card authorization form – we cannot begin the process until both forms are completed. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you so we’ve provided two ways: you can fill them in online or download the forms and fax them.

We can also arrange an easy payment plan for you according to your pay schedule. Please call us (816) 299-7454) or email for more information.

Secure Online Forms:

Faxable Forms:
Please print and complete the following two forms then fax them to: 1-610-644-2860.

To complete forms, open and print out the above links and fill them in by typing or printing clearly using black ink.

If you want to e-mail these completed forms, please send them to either as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF.

After we receive these completed forms we shall e-mail or fax

  • Instructions for the Single Proxy Marriage Form
  • Kansas Marriage Application Form
  • Required Affidavit Form

The required Affidavit Form grants permission for a designated proxy to stand in for you at the marriage ceremony.  This form must be signed and notarized. The Original must be submitted.


Civilian Proxy Marriage.  Fee includes everything:

$ 1,000 – Legal Kansas Single Proxy Marriage (full payment in advance)
$ 1,350 – Legal Kansas Single Proxy Marriage (payment plans available)
$ 1,400 – Legal Kansas Single Proxy Marriage including Apostille Certificate (full payment in advance)
$ 1,500 – Legal Kansas Single Proxy Marriage including Apostille Certificate (payment plans available)

Apostille Certificate
If one member of the couple is not a US citizen, your proxy marriage will require an apostille certificate.

Call us about our additional Seasonal Discounts.

We can also arrange an easy payment plan to fit your budget. Minimum down payment is $500. Please call us (816) 299-7454)  or email for more information.


Acceptable legal forms of government-issued ID may include the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Social Security Card
  • Inmate ID
  • Other forms of legal government-issued ID

If the ID is written in a language other than English, it must have an attached, notarized English translation.

If you were previously married, we need to receive a copy of your last final divorce decree or death certificate if applicable.

Weddings By Proxy will only process Single Proxy Marriages for clients who are 18 years or older.

Jane will call you to review the forms so all of the paperwork will be clearly understood.

If there are any questions please call us toll free: (816) 299-7454.

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