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We Are Dedicated to Bringing Happiness Couples by Proxy Marriages


Weddings By Proxy is dedicated to bringing happiness and peace of mind to all the couples we help obtain proxy marriages. We are hopeful that the support and professional services we offer our clients provides them with a stress-free process to being able to marry the love of their life.

Proxy Marriages, sometimes called “online marriages,” are legally binding marriage ceremonies for couples who need to secure the legal benefits of marriage on a tight deadline, but who can’t be together at the time of the wedding.


For the Kansas Proxy Marriage only one of the parties has to travel to Kansas for a minimum of 4 days. The Legal Marriage Certificate is recognized by every state, in all branches of the Military, and most countries of the world.


– US Citizens who want to marry a Foreign National-Two Foreign Residents who face difficulties getting married in their country

– Incarcerated Citizens – (The party who will travel to Kansas can be from the USA or a Foreign Country.)

– Same Sex Couples from the USA or a Foreign Country-Retired Military who want to marry a Foreign Resident

– Civilian Contractors who want to marry a Foreign Resident

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