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As the most experienced specialist in military proxy marriages Weddings By Proxy, specializes in arranging legal proxy marriages for members of the Armed Forces. Weddings By Proxy helped arrange over 6,000 military proxy marriages.

Our Military Proxy Marriage Includes:

  • All required forms
  • All marriage filing and license fees
  • Appearance of two designated proxies to stand in for the bride and groom
  • Services of a municipal judge who performs the ceremony
  • Review of all forms and documentation by our experienced attorney
  • Delivery of two certified copies of your marriage certificate within 3 weeks
  • Toll-free telephone support available 24/7
  • Getting Married While Deployed

    Deployment can be tough on everyone involved especially, if you are want to get married but can’t make it home. Under Montana law, we help you with the coordination of either a single or double proxy marriage if one or both parties are deployed.

    If you are a military couple both serving in the military, we can coordinate a double proxy marriage. This allows you to get legally marriage without either party having to travel to the state or appear in front of civil authorities. Instead, two designated proxies stand in for you and your partner and your marriage certificate is mailed to you.

    We have extensive experience arranging proxy marriages for couples where one or both parties are actively serving in the Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines. All branches of the U.S. Armed Forces consider a proxy marriage to be valid if the marriage takes place in a state where marriage by proxy is legal.

    Foreign Resident Proxy Marriage

    If you are a U.S. resident, actively serving in the U.S. Military, and want to marry a foreign resident we can help you obtain a legal U.S. marriage certificate without any travel or residency requirement. From the time you submit the completed forms and documentation it only takes 3 weeks to receive two certified copies of your official marriage certificate.


    A proxy marriage is a quick way to extend benefits and security to your fiancée and family while you are serving in the Military. The U.S. government provides substantial benefits to its active duty military personnel. Being legally married allows you to share those benefits with your fiancée and his or her children. If your fiancée is pregnant, sharing your health benefits with her ensures that she’ll have access to the best pre-natal care.

    For more information on the benefits for military proxy marriage please read our Proxy Marriage Military Benefits page for more information.

    We are pleased to offer military discounts for active-duty members of the U.S. Military. Please call us at (816) 299-7454 for details.

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