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What We Do – Proxy Marriage in Kansas

Proxy Marriage

Pastor Nancy understands that life does not always work as planned, and it’s not always possible to be together when it is necessary to be married. Weddings by Proxy is here to make your marriage a reality. We will support you through the entire process, making it as simple and stress-free as possible. Weddings by Proxy has immense experience facilitating single proxy weddings in Kansas and is here to make your happen too.

A Single Proxy Marriage is a legally binding marriage ceremony that allows you and your loved one to secure all of the legal benefits of a marriage when you can not both be physically present for the ceremony, but need the marriage facilitated due to time constraints.

Common Reasons for Having a Proxy Marriage

Sometimes referred to as “online marriages”, proxy weddings are are legally binding marriage ceremonies for couples who need to acquire the legal benefits of marriage quickly, but can not be together at the time of the wedding.  There are three common reasons for this, but as everyone’s life is unique, there are many reasons to have a proxy marriage.


Marry your significant other when you’re deployed or otherwise not physically together.


Obtain an official US Marriage license when one or both parties are non-US Residents.

incarcerated citizens

Access the rights and privileges of a married couple while one person is currently incarcerated and physically unavailable.

Single Proxy Marriage

A proxy means someone has the legal authority to represent or stand in for someone else. If you wish to be married and cannot both attend, a Single Proxy Marriage means that just one individual has to be physically present in the State of Kansas to be legally married.  There is NO Residency Requirement. Your individual situation could be due to military deployment, incarceration, international or travel restrictions due to health etc.  This service is also available to Same Sex Couples.

Single Proxy Marriage