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What We Do – Proxy Marriage in Kansas

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Pastor Nancy understands that life does not always work as planned, and it’s not always possible to be together when it is necessary to be married. Weddings by Proxy is here to make your marriage a reality. We will support you through the entire process, making it as simple and stress-free as possible. Weddings by Proxy has immense experience facilitating single proxy weddings in Kansas and is here to make your happen too.

A Single Proxy Marriage is a legally binding marriage ceremony that allows you and your loved one to secure all of the legal benefits of a marriage when you can not both be physically present for the ceremony, but need the marriage facilitated due to time constraints.

Common Reasons for Having a Proxy Marriage

Sometimes referred to as “online marriages”, proxy weddings are are legally binding marriage ceremonies for couples who need to acquire the legal benefits of marriage quickly, but can not be together at the time of the wedding.  There are three common reasons for this, but as everyone’s life is unique, there are many reasons to have a proxy marriage.


Marry your significant other when you’re deployed or otherwise not physically together.


Obtain an official US Marriage license when one or both parties are non-US Residents.

incarcerated citizens

Access the rights and privileges of a married couple while one person is currently incarcerated and physically unavailable.

Single Proxy Marriage

A proxy means someone has the legal authority to represent or stand in for someone else. If you wish to be married and cannot both attend, a Single Proxy Marriage means that just one individual has to be physically present in the State of Kansas to be legally married.  There is NO Residency Requirement. Your individual situation could be due to military deployment, incarceration, international or travel restrictions due to health etc.  This service is also available to Same Sex Couples.

Single Proxy Marriage


chandrika.s chandu
chandrika.s chandu
My spouse and I recently held our marriage ceremony at this beautiful chapel and we couldn't have been more thrilled with our experience. The chapel was incredibly accommodating and helped us with every aspect of the marriage process, from trying to incorporate our culture and tradition to ensuring our ceremony ran smoothly. Nancy, who has conducted the ceremony, is very cheerful and kid friendly. We couldn't have asked for a more magical setting to exchange our vows. Thank you Nancy for making our wedding day truly unforgettable
Abdul Razzaq Shaik
Abdul Razzaq Shaik
I had the pleasure of getting married at this beautiful wedding chapel, and I must say, it was an incredible experience! The chapel was so cheerful, welcoming, and accommodating. She went above and beyond to make sure that our special day was nothing short of perfect.She was so organized, professional, and attentive to every detail and truly made our wedding day unforgettable! I highly recommend this wedding chapel to anyone looking for a memorable and stress-free wedding experience. Thank you so much for everything!
Nazanin Hashemi
Nazanin Hashemi
Pastor Nancy was just the most amazing person I met😍🙌🏻 she was kind and caring and she helped us getting the document we needed as quick as possible, she was with me during the whole process, I am blessed to find her for my proxy marriage!! It’s a rare kind of marriage but she is the expert, she is exactly the one who you need for your marriage to be done as easy as a piece of cake! I would recommend her a thousand times and I promise you never find any one more knowledgeable than her for what you need her to do. Thank you Pastor Nancy! Thanks for being such a great help for all your clients not only me, GBU Nazanin
Patricia Lewis
Patricia Lewis
Amazing!! Pastor Nancy thinks of everything you need to make a proxy marriage go extremely smooth! She is there every step and makes sure you have the best day a bride, or groom, could have! Thank you!!!!